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Catch Up Funding

Co-op Academy Failsworth has used the funding to support one to one and small group tuition in Literacy and numeracy. The Academy is aiming to create and run more bespoke intervention as it realises that not all Literacy/English and Mathematics/Numeracy needs are the same for each student.

In order to support the students in year 7 that are not secondary ready we have a rigorous intervention scheme to help them progress. Below is a list of some interventions we complete:

  • Pupils will access two intervention sessions weekly for 6 weeks focusing on their needs within reading and comprehension
  • Pupils will access the Easyread Computer system which focusses primarily on phonic style learning for very weak readers
  • Pupils access reading intervention twice a week. Each student has a personalised focus ranging from decoding comprehension, analysis, skim and scan reading alongside book sharing. An access reader test is completed before and after this intervention to ensure that students are making progress.
  • Pupils complete small group or 1:1 intervention to improve in mathematics. Students have two sessions per week with a key focus on basic numeracy skills.

All students will complete the STAR reader assessment in September 2019 and as a result, bespoke interventions focussing on phonics, decoding, reading, comprehension, inference analysis, vocabulary and spelling are completed. These intervention sessions run for 12 weeks.  STAR reader assessments are completed three times a year and help identify progress for both years 7 and 8 to track progress.

We expect the impact of this funding to increase rates of progress for these students in year 7 and 8 in all subject areas.