Performance Data

Each August our school leavers receive their exam results. This is a very important day for students who will be eager to know how much their hard work has paid off. Their college and apprenticeship places (and even future university and job applications) will depend on these results.

Schools and academies are also judged on how much the year group as a whole has achieved. These performance measures are used by the government to create school league tables. Provisional results are available in August, whilst the final results are published the following January.

Our final results from Summer 2021 are as follows:

Progress 8 score:-0.22
Average A8 Grade:4.37
Percentage of students achieving a strong pass of grade 5 or higher in English and Mathematics:30.4%
Ebacc %: Standard Pass9.4%
Ebacc %: Strong Pass4.5%
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after KS4 (Destinations)96% (Validated CO2020) 98% (Intended Destinations CO2021) Awaiting validation

You can view data about the academy and compare with other schools at here.

You will see that the schools and academies are judged on a number of different measures.