Homework is a crucial part of students’ continued learning. Our new approaches to homework mean that this is now fully linked to the taught curriculum. Tasks supplement and enhance what is being delivered to students in the classroom. 

Homework has been categorised into the following styles and types:


This type of homework represents students completing tasks or accessing material that is necessary for the up and coming learning within the curriculum. Students will not be able to fully access the curriculum content unless this pre-teach or pre-activity homework has been completed.

Knowledge check

This type of homework is used to check the knowledge and understanding of students within a certain chunk of learning. This could be a Google form or a type of structured quiz that checks students have understood the powerful knowledge required within that chunk.


Well mapped homework can be used for retrieval purposes. This type of homework will support students to either retrieve past taught content within the learning chunk they are currently studying or to retrieve information from previous learning chunks.


This type of homework will span a number of weeks and require students to spend time each week completing this. Subjects such as science and maths set this type of homework in Year 7 for example. 

All homework is set on using Google Classroom. 

If students do not complete their homework this will be logged by the class teacher, head of year and pastoral team will be altered and parents will be contacted.

Parents can access a weekly, fortnightly or monthly report of their child’s homework set and completion by adding themselves to Google Classroom using the add guardian function. 

Homework Timetable

The academy has a published homework timetable and a set frequency which can be viewed below.

SubjectYear 7 & 8Year 9, 10 & 11
Maths, English & ScienceOnce per weekOnce per week
GeographyY7- Twice per half termY8- Once per half termYear 9- Twice per half termYear 10 & 11 Once per fortnight
HistoryY7- Once per half termY8- Twice per half termYear 9- Twice per half termYear 10 & 11 Once per fortnight
MFLOnce per fortnightOnce per week
CitizenshipOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
REOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
ICTOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
MusicOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
ArtOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
DramaOnce per half termOnce per fortnight
TechnologyOnce per half termYear 9- 1 per enquiry (every 5 weeks)Year 10 and 11- once per fortnight
PEOnce per termBTEC HSC and GCSE PE once per fortnightBTEC Sport and BTEC Dance once every four weeks
SEND Pathway (ASDAN, Basic Cooking)N/AOnce per fortnight