November 2020 | Remote Learning Plans and Expectations

Dear Parent/Carer

Remote Learning Plans
As you may be aware, schools are required to have a remote learning plan in place so that
any child who cannot attend school because of COVID-19 does not miss out on their

This letter explains our plans in place for remote learning for students who have to self-isolate, or where local or national restrictions mean that students need to stay at home.

Our remote learning plan has been made with our students and their families in mind. We
believe that this strategy will work best for the children at our academy. A summary of our remote learning plan is below:

Our Remote Learning Plan
● We expect our students to carry 5 lots of home learning per day lasting no more than 1
hour each. All assignments are set in Google Classroom and must be completed each
● We understand that some of our students may need to work flexibly, studying and
learning in the evenings instead of during the normal school day.
● Each day students will need to log onto Google Classroom at 8.35am and answer the
virtual attendance question, which will inform us whether they are on-line, learning and
following their normal timetable OR that they are working flexibly into the evening. This
allows us to then contact parents to ensure students are engaging in their home
● All Remote Learning is set using Google Classroom. If a group of students are required
to self-isolate due to COVID-19 they will be immediately added to a Self-Isolation
Classroom. Details of how to access this are included in the letter students receive if
asked to stay at home. All home learning for all subjects will be set in this single
classroom. In the event of a whole Year group being sent home or a full academy
closure we will revert back to individual subject classrooms as we did during lockdown.
● All lessons and assignments have been adapted to suit home learning. Some lessons
will be ‘Loomed’, this means a pre-recorded lesson, where a subject teacher provides
a voiceover or video over the lesson, explaining the learning. We will not be carrying
out any live lessons.
● A dedicated Remote Learning Department has been set up in the academy, this team
will assign and monitor completion of home learning, and they will be available to
support both parents and students with any technical issues and questions around
home learning. The team will be monitoring activity in Google Classroom and
contacting parents of students who are not engaging.
● We will not be marking home learning in the traditional sense. We provide
acknowledgement feedback on work submitted.
As an academy, the approaches we have adopted are in line with the DfE’s expectations
for remote learning. We aim to provide immediate access to remote learning from the first
full day of a student’s self-isolation period, the work set follows the sequence of lessons
and curriculum that is being delivered in the academy.
What you’ll need at home
● As all remote learning is set using Google Classroom you will need one of the
following: laptop, desktop PC, tablet or Smartphone. You will also need access to the
● All home learning should be completed using the material set on Google Classroom.
Students will not need any additional resources with the exception of Art, where
students will need blank paper and a pencil to complete the work. They will need to
take a photograph of this and submit this using Google Classroom.
● Students are not required to complete any work in their notebooks/exercise books.
They are not required to email the work to their teacher, they simply need to submit it
via Google Classroom by clicking the ‘turn in’ button once the home learning has been
completed. A guide on how to do this can be found on the website as well as in your
child’s Google Classroom.
● If possible, provide a quiet space where your child can work without disruption.

If your child does not have any of the above, please let us know as soon as possible so that
we can help support you. We are able to provide laptops to those students without access
to IT facilities for the period of their self-isolation. A parental contract will need to be signed
before collection of any laptops can occur.

What we expect from your child
It is important that your child engages with home learning. We expect students to stick to
their timetable that they would normally follow if they were in the academy. The timetable
will be published in the Self-Isolation Google Classroom.

If they are not engaging with the learning, we will use the following strategies to provide
additional support:
● Phone calls home to speak to parents.
● Communication with Google Classroom to encourage students to complete their home
● If students have gaps in their home learning or fail to complete this we will insist that
on their return, your child remains behind after school each evening to complete any
missing work.
● We will not be catching up on any missed learning during lesson time so it is vital that
students complete their home learning. If they fail to do this they are in danger of falling
behind in their studies.

What you can do to help
We appreciate that if this situation arises, it may present some challenges for you. We
kindly ask for your support so that we can continue to provide high-quality education for
your child during this time.

We don’t expect you to watch your child all day, and we wouldn’t expect parents/carers to
get involved in remote lessons in place of our teachers. But, it would be really helpful if you
can take an active role in your child’s learning by asking them about their day and what
work they’ve done. If you ask to see each of the 5 pieces of home learning completed each
day it should give you an idea of how much work has taken place.

Our top tips:
● Try to encourage your child to be ready and dressed for the start of the school day and
to keep to their timetable. If they need to work more flexibly and at different times, it is
important to create a routine that they can follow each day.
● Distinguish between weekdays and weekends, and make it clear when the school day
is over, this will help to separate home and school life.
● Plan breaks and exercise into the day to help keep your child active

Please keep in touch with us and do let us know if you are having any difficulties with
remote learning or if you have any questions. You can contact the home learning team on
the following email addresses:
Mrs. Daly:
Miss Chisnall:
Miss Al-Hermezi:
Mr. Senior:
Miss Brodrick:

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely
Phill Quirk