Rewards and Consequences

We follow our Academy Way


At the heart of everything we do at the Academy is our mission for everyone

‘Achieving excellence together’

We do this by using our 4 key values, which are the ‘ways of being Co-op’

We work hard to provide the best opportunities for our students to make the greatest possible progress during their time here and believe that both students and staff can make this happen if we follow our values.

We respect our students by having high expectations of them in terms of their:

  • Attitude to learning
  • Appearance
  • Behavior

The choices that our students make have consequences:

  • Positive choices lead to praise and rewards.
  • Negative choices are challenged by staff and can lead to sanctions.

We use a website called Class Charts to log both positive and Negative Behaviors. Parents and students also have access to Class Charts.

Praise and rewards

Our praise and rewards system centers on the Cooperative values and Growth Mindset traits of;

  • Be yourself always – Perseverance
  • Do what matters most – Learning from Mistakes
  • Show you care – Seeking Challenges
  • Succeeding together. – Outstanding Effort

Every time a student demonstrates one of these they will receive Class Charts points. Class Charts points can be redeemed by students for small rewards. In addition to this we use the class charts points to issue certificates and awards to students on a regular basis.

Other ways in which we recognize the achievements of our students include:

  • Praise from teachers, including postcards for good effort in lessons
  • Certificates and badges presented in assemblies for achievement in lessons and good attendance
  • Rewards events for good attendance and behaviour
  • End of year Achievement assemblies and recognition events.


Every student within our Academy has the right to learn in a safe and purposeful environment, without disruption from other students. The Academy Consequence system is there to ensure all teachers can teach effective lessons which allow students to learn, keep our students safe, to create a calm environment for learning, and also to give students a chance to reflect and change their behaviour when it falls below our Academy expectations.

Our staff follow an escalating consequence system and students are made aware by their teacher when they have been issued a consequence.

The consequence system is as follows;

C1 – Student is given a warning by the teacher and this is recorded on Class Charts

C2 – 10 minute detention at break, lunch or the end of the day. This is recorded on Class Charts

C3 – Department detention for 40 minutes after school

C4 – Year Team Detention for 90 minutes after school which is issued for either failing to attend C3 detention or not successfully completing the C3 detention.

In addition to this we also use exclusions as part of the consequence system, these are internal exclusion, external exclusion, Fixed term exclusion and Permanent Exclusion

The escalated consequence system allows for consistency across levels of behaviours. Students are expected to take own and take responsibility for their behaviour both inside our Academy and outside of school time within the local community.