The Academy Way

At the heart of everything we do at the Academy is our mission for everyone.

‘Achieving excellence together’

We do this by using our 4 key values, which are the ‘ways of being Co-op’

We work hard to provide the best opportunities for our students to make the greatest possible progress during their time here and believe that both students and staff can make this happen if we follow our values.  We are committed to our Vision and Values.

To aid this we believe in:

‘Show you care’

Have good attendance and punctuality

  • All pupils have an attendance target of 96% or above
  • Be on time to school and all lessons

Do what matters most’  

Be Organised

  • Complete your homework on time
  • Remember your equipment
  • Ready to learn: Mobile phone switched off and in your bag for lessons

Be Presentable

  • Wear your Academy uniform with pride
  • Keep your work neat and well-presented and take pride in it.
  • Make sure that your working area is left tidy for the benefit of others

‘Be yourself always’

Be Respectful

  • Respect your belongings
  • Respect your learning
  • Respect each other
  • Respect yourselves
  • Respect our school

‘Succeed together’

Be Hardworking

  • Work towards meeting your targets in all subjects
  • Believe that almost anything is possible with hard work, and dream about what you can achieve
  • Actively engage in learning
  • Support the learning of others