Changes to the behaviour system: Removal of the yellow warning

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to inform you of changes to our behaviour system from Monday 7 June 2021. Each year since September 2016, we have raised the standards expected of students in the academy. From 7 June 2021, we want to increase the standards further so we can continue to ensure learning in the classroom is an absolute priority. We have taken the decision not to do this from September 2021 so we can ensure all students understand the new system before the new academic year begins. This move is with the full support from the Governing Body and the Trust.

The changes build on our current behaviour policy which has been in place since May 2019. This is a simple Yellow, Amber and Red system. Our current system means students get a warning (Yellow) and then a second warning (Amber) and finally, if they continue, a Red sanction is issued. In addition students can receive a yellow late.

If students receive a Red sanction they are asked to leave the classroom and continue their work in an alternative ‘Reflections’ venue for the rest of the day. This includes break and lunch if appropriate, plus 30 minutes after school. If students receive a Red after lunch they do the afternoon lesson, 30 minutes after school and Periods 1 and 2 plus break, the next day.

From 7 June 2021, we will be keeping exactly the same principles but for the current Year 7-10 we will be removing the Yellow warning. Therefore students, if they need to be warned about their behaviour, will receive an Amber and then if they continue this will lead to a Red sanction being issued. We will still keep the Yellow late to class from our current system but the Yellow warning will not be issued. For the new Year 7, from September 2021, we will leave in the Yellow warning, whilst students adjust to our routines and expectations.

As you are aware we already celebrate the many successes our students achieve and we frame this around our values. Students earn rewards and are recognised for:

  •  In class reward points
  • Good Attendance and much improved attendance
  • Positive form time contributions
  • Being an excellent role model to others both in school and outside of school
  • Being a Prefect or Year Ambassador
  • Subject and Department rewards and trips
  • End of year rewards
  • Positive phonecalls

    I will speak to students about the changes in assemblies during May so they are clear on the new arrangements.

    With your continued support we are confident this approach will make a huge difference in classrooms. At present, the vast majority of students get this right on nearly every occasion. There may however be instances, at the beginning of the new system, where students who have previously not been sent from a classroom are affected by these changes. Please be assured we anticipate that most students will quickly learn the new standards.

    I do hope you can see what we are trying to achieve. We are making sure learning and progress are further strengthened in the academy.Yours sincerely

    Yours sincerely

    Phill Quirk