GCSE Results Day – 12 August 2021

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to share important information relating to our students in Year 11.
Results day has been changed by the DfE to Thursday 12th August 2021. We will follow a similar
process to last year which is outlined below.

● From 8.30 am on Thursday 12th August 2021, pupils will be emailed their examination results. This will be sent to their school email address only. Due to GDPR, we are unable to send results to any personal email addresses.
● Pupils will use their login details to access their account and obtain their results.
● In addition to emailing results we will also post results to students. JCQ guidelines state that
we cannot post results until the actual results day which means that posted results will not arrive
with students until a day or two later. Upon receipt of your emailed results, you may wish to
make an appeal or contact your college to secure your Post-16 offer.
● If your home address has changed please can you inform us of this asap.

You must check that your son/daughter can access their email account upon receipt of this letter. Ask
your son/daughter to log onto mail.office365.com and enter their school log in details and password. If
there are any problems and they cannot log in, you must immediately send an email with the subject
header as ‘exam email’ to info@failsworth.coop You must send an email requesting assistance before
Monday 12th July, after this date we may not be able to help you as the Academy will close for the
summer holidays.

Year 11 end of year grades have been moderated in line with the Ofqual guidance by our Heads of
Department, Senior leaders and the Trust. Exam boards have also been moderating our data and are
working with us extensively which will continue until the end of this academic year. The emphasis has
been on ensuring our processes are robust and that all students receive an evidence-based grade.

Students will have completed a series of mini assessments and also terminal end of year exams which
we have used to produce their overall grade.
Students who wish to appeal their grades for any subject, can do so from Friday 13th August 9am to
Monday 16th August 9am. A form will be available on the school website for students to complete and
submit. Any appeals received within the dates above will be processed and an email of confirmation
will be sent to students by the end of Wednesday 18th August. Any appeals received after these dates
will be processed when the new academic year begins in September. When students request an appeal,
we will firstly check for any administrative errors that may have occurred when uploading their grades
(Stage 1 appeal). If students wish for an appeal to be sent to the exam board, they must provide evidence
of why they are requesting an appeal in the ‘evidence for an appeal’ box (Stage 2 appeal). It is essential
that they complete this box. Please note, we cannot add any further detail as by this point, we will have
been fully moderated by the exam board. We will submit this on their behalf and provide them with the
outcome when we receive this from the exam board.
It is important to note that at Stage 2 your grades can be raised or lowered by the exam board. You must
complete the appeal form in order, starting with Stage 1 and followed, if you are still not satisfied, by
Stage 2. We will process all appeals with urgency that are received between Friday 13th August 9am to
Monday 16th August 9am. Any email must be via the students school email address due to GDPR

All information relating to results day, our appeals process and further education links will be live on
the academy website from Monday 9th August.
If you have any questions relating to any of the information shared, please contact the academy.

Yours Sincerely

Phill Quirk