Period 6 for Year 11 from Sept 2022

I am writing to give you advance notice that the current Year 10 will continue with the current Period 6 into Year 11. This will be on Monday and Tuesday night. This will still be known as Period 6 and will run until 3.45pm. This will be our fourth year of doing this with Year 11.
Year 11 students will receive timetabled small group tuition, which will be set for approximately 5-6 week blocks, reviewed, and changed as necessary. This will not be just an extra lesson. It is aimed at targeting areas that need support and improvement. Additionally, periodically we may identify some Year 11 students for support with study skills, revision planning and other bespoke areas outside of normal subjects offered.
I hope you can see that we are trying to ensure the strongest outcomes for students for exams in the summer of 2023.
Period 6 on Monday and Tuesday night will be a compulsory part of the Year 11’s education.

Yours sincerely
Phill Quirk