Year 11 Leaving Arrangements

Dear Parent / Guardian

We are quickly approaching the final few weeks for Year 11 and I would like to take this opportunity to outline the final arrangements and key dates over the next coming weeks.

Formal timetabled period 6 lessons have now finished with the last one being on Wednesday 12th May. Due to the varying nature of subjects those with a greater coursework requirement may request pupils to remain in period 6 in order to ensure that there is sufficient evidence for the pupil in preparation for centre assessed grades submission.

If your son/daughter is required to attend period 6 after this week then you will be notified by the teacher or Head of Department requesting their attendance. If you would prefer your son/daughter to remain in the academy and continue with period 6 for the final 2 weeks please can you inform Mrs Beresford as Head of Year 11 and arrangements can be made for them to continue with quiet study in a computer room.

Exams for Year 11 finish on Thursday 13 May but we will be still doing some mini assessments in class for the last 2 weeks. The final day for Year 11 will be Friday 28th May 2021. In the final 2 weeks it is important that your son/daughter remain focused and continue to attend school on time in order for them to gain as much evidence and assessment data towards their GCSE grades as possible.

Despite the examinations coming to an end your son/daughter will still have a number of in class assessments and pieces of work to complete to the best of their ability. Please take the time to discuss the importance of this with your son/daughter in a bid to help support us in keeping them focused on making sure they achieve as best as they can in their GCSE’s.

We will be holding a Year 11 Celebration Leavers Assembly on the Friday 28th May and attendance at this assembly will be based on effort, attendance and attitude over the next few weeks. Pupils will be required to attend in full school uniform for the assembly but they can bring a spare shirt if they wish to have students and staff sign this.

Finally may I take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last 5 years that your son/daughter has been a pupil at our academy.

Should you have any questions in relation to the final weeks for Year 11 then please contact Mrs Amanda Beresford (Head of Year 11)

Yours sincerely

Phill Quirk