Year 11 Results 2021

8 March 2021

Dear Parents / Carers

It has been brilliant to welcome our Year 11 students back to the Academy today. 

We received final guidance from Ofqual last week regarding the process of issuing grades for our Year 11 students.  Please read this carefully.  We have followed all guidance from Ofqual / Exam Boards.  The process this year is different to last year.

Please read the attached carefully and contact or for any further information.

Yours sincerely

Phill Quirk


The Process for Awarding Grades

The following document outlines how grades will be determined in Summer 2021 for Year 11 students due to complete qualifications. Please read the information carefully and contact us if you have any questions. The below is in line with the Ofqual and exam board guidance released.

How will my son/daughter’s grade be calculated?

We will be using a range of data and assessment evidence to grade each student. We will look at assessments completed in Term 1 within the classroom. We have a range of weekly mini assessments planned that will take around 15 minutes to complete between now and June. These will take place in each subject weekly and we will inform students of the topic that is to be assessed. At the end of the academic year the 100% examined subjects will have end of year exams similar to GCSE exams. We will use all this data to provide each student a working at grade.

Will the grade provided be a prediction?

No. We have been informed by Ofqual the grade provided should be a working at grade in line with the curriculum content covered.

My son/daughter has missed much content due to Lockdown. Is this taken into consideration?

Yes. We have been informed by Ofqual that we can only assess the content that has been covered from the specification. We have mapped out the curriculum provision for Year 11 in each subject and the mini assessments and end of year exams will only contain the content covered.

Can I appeal if I am unhappy with the allocated grade? 

An appeal can only be made if you or your son/daughter has evidence that they have consistently performed better in their assessments than they have been graded. Grades issued to students have to be evidence based. If you wish to appeal, you can do so by following the process outlined nearer the time. The appeal will be sent to the exam aboard with the range of assessments and data points we used to create the grade. The exam board will look at all evidence and you will be informed of the outcome. Please note that at present the window to appeal opens on Thursday 10th August and will remain open until Tuesday 15th August 2021.

Mocks in November 2020 were completed at home. Will these count towards the final grade?

No. These will not count as they were not completed under exam conditions.  They were open book exams.

When is results day?

Results day this year will be Thursday 10th August 2021. Results will be emailed on this date at 8am to your son/daughter’s school email account. We will write to you soon with guidance regarding how you can help to make sure you have access to these results.

Will attendance and behaviour data be included when you calculate a grade?

No. We will not be using any attendance or behaviour data. However, we know behaviour in school and final outcomes are linked, and please note that as instructed by Ofqual the mini assessments and end of year exam needs to be completed in school under exam conditions. It is essential that your son/daughter has good attendance, is punctual and behaves as expected of them in lesson.

What would happen if my son/daughter had to self-isolate/tested positive for Covid when the end of year exams were taking place?

If a student is absent due to Covid, we will allow them to sit the exam when they return to school. In line with Ofqual guidance we have written two end of year exams for each subject. Both papers are of equal difficulty and follow the guidelines to ensure the exam paper has integrity. This will ensure that all students sit an unseen exam paper.

Will moderation take place?

Yes. Moderation has already started internally to ensure that the curriculum specifications are accurate, the mini assessments are in line with content covered and the end of year exams have integrity. Moderation of grades will happen in July by exam boards to ensure we are issuing grades in line with the evidence base of your son/daughter. Trust level moderation will also take place at key intervals. You can be assured that the grade entered for your son/daughter is accurate and evidence based upon their performance.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 8th March 2021Teaching in the classroom continuesWeekly mini assessments begin.  
Monday 3rd May 2021End of year exams will begin 
Monday 7th June 2021Upload of moderated Centre Assessed Grades for all students in each subject begin to be uploaded to exam portals 
Thursday 10th August 2021Results Day 
Thursday 10th August – Tuesday 15th AugustProvisional Appeals window is open. You can appeal if you have consistent evidence of your son/daughter performing better than the grade they have been awarded.