Year 7 Parents Evening

The Parents Evening will take place on Thursday 28 April 4pm to 7.15pm

To allow parents and teachers to meet face to face we will be using an online system called School Cloud.  You will not need to come into school as the sessions will take place remotely. 

You will be able to book a time slot and take part from the comfort of home, using a device such as a laptop, iPad or mobile phone. 

Meetings will last for 6 minutes in order to allow for time to connect.

At the end of the time the link will automatically be closed and the appointment will end. It is important that you are ready to start your meeting on time as unfortunately we will not be able to extend or change appointment times.

You will need to use this link to enter an email address and your child’s details in order to book an appointment and take part in the live meeting.

We appreciate that this system is not the same as being able to come into school but hope that this will still be a wonderful opportunity to discuss each child’s progress and to address any concerns you may have going forward.

Need help?

Explainer- how to book and attend your appointment

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