Pastoral and Year Teams

Below is the structure of our pastoral and year teams.

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and Raising Achievement (Pastoral, Attendance and Safeguarding) – Nina Carter

Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 3 – Jonathan Smith

Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 4 – David Clegg

Year 7 Team (Class of 2023

Pastoral Leader – Joanne Clapham

Progress Leader – Kim Reedy

Year 8 Team (Class of 2022)

Pastoral Leader – Joanne Cleary

Progress Leader – Carla Harris

Year 9 Team (Class of 2021)

Pastoral Leader – Lydia Gordon

Progress Leader – Jen Sheppard

Year 10 Team (Class of 2020)

Pastoral Leader – Amanda Beresford

Progress Leader – Lauren Kelly

Year 11 Team (Class of 2019)

Pastoral Leader – Nikki Conroy

Pastoral Leader – Daniel Lowe

Progress Leader – Kaliel Rouse

Progress Leader – Andrea Reece

Inclusion Pastoral Leader

Rhian Devereux

Pastoral Mentors

Gary Graham

Donna Hirst

Attendance Team

Attendance manager – Tracey Merron

Attendance Officer – Dawn Ghani

Attendance and Welfare Liaison Officer – Joanne Farnworth

Attendance Administrator – Sue McGovern