We're closed to most students
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Pastoral and Year Teams

We’ve got an amazing support service for students.

Each Year Group has two dedicated pastoral members of staff. We also have Inclusion Pastoral Leaders and Pastoral Mentors who support students across the year groups.

We also have a strong Attendance team who support students, parents and carers in making sure students come to school and learn every day.

Below is the structure of our pastoral and year teams.

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion and Raising Achievement (Pastoral, Attendance and Safeguarding) – Nina Carter

Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 3 – Jonathan Smith

Assistant Headteacher Key Stage 4 – David Clegg

Year 7 Team (Class of 2023)

Pastoral Leader – Joanne Clapham

Progress Leader – Kim Reedy

Year 8 Team (Class of 2022)

Pastoral Leader – Joanne Cleary

Progress Leader – Carla Harris

Year 9 Team (Class of 2021)

Pastoral Leader – Lydia Gordon

Progress Leader – Jen Sheppard

Year 10 Team (Class of 2020)

Pastoral Leader – Amanda Beresford

Progress Leader – Lauren Kelly

Year 11 Team (Class of 2019)

Pastoral Leader – Nikki Conroy

Pastoral Leader – Daniel Lowe

Progress Leader – Kaliel Rouse

Progress Leader – Andrea Reece

Inclusion Pastoral Leader

Rhian Devereux

Pastoral Mentors

Gary Graham

Donna Hirst

Attendance Team

Attendance manager – Tracey Merron

Attendance Officer – Dawn Ghani

Attendance and Welfare Liaison Officer – Joanne Farnworth

Attendance Administrator – Sue McGovern

Click here for more information on our attendance policy.