First Aid Provision at Coop Academy Failsworth

Coop Academy Failsworth provides access to trained First Aid staff on site for all pupils and
staff. We do not have a nurse but we do have access to the Local Authority School Nursing
Team which we can refer to should we need advice or information for students.

When a student starts on roll at Coop Academy Failsworth we ask for all pre-existing
medical conditions, GP details and any other relevant health information so we can provide
the right medical assistance for each student that has specific medical needs/conditions to
enable them to access the full school curriculum effectively.

We provide access to a Healthcare Administrator (First Aid Trained) who is responsible for
the monitoring of pupil medical information and provision of First Aid. We also have a team
of people who have basic First Aid training in the building that can assist if necessary. Our
medical room is unmanned and access to this is gained through our First Aid Triage System
coordinated through our Pastoral Teams.

We have 4 members of staff who are trained in the Administration of medication, however,
as the guidelines indicate this is not a legal requirement, it is a voluntary act. The guidelines
on Supporting Pupils with Medication Needs published by the Department of Education can
be found:

Students that have a medical need will have an Individual Care Plan in place and if they take
medication in school they will have a parental consent form for the self-administration of
medication. Assistance with medication will be provided should it be necessary.

School do not hold a stock of any painkillers and should a student request paracetamol then
parent/guardian may be called and asked to bring some into school if the need is severe.

For safety of all students the following procedures will be followed in school.

To ensure the safety of every student we operate a triage system. This is to avoid students
wandering round the school unaccompanied or standing outside the medical room
potentially being at risk if they are unwell. The teacher will request First Aid either via class
charts or by sending a student to get help. Once the request is received a member of the
pastoral team will go to the classroom and ascertain if they need to attend the medical room

or not. Students who have Medical Passes issued to them for specific medical needs will be
treated as urgent and this may result in others having to wait a little longer to be assessed.

All students are able to seek First Aid at break and lunch time via the Healthcare

If a student presents at school in the morning with an injury/condition sustained outside of
school hours we will contact parent/guardian and if necessary ask them to take them to the
GP or A & E.

School will always seek permission from the parent/guardian before sending a student

Every department has access to an emergency First Aid kit.