Food Vouchers to cover the Summer Holiday 2022

You may have read in the local media that Oldham Council has been allocated £2.4m of funding to support vulnerable residents through its Household Support Fund. Some of this funding will be used to cover food voucher support for children eligible for means tested Free School Meals over the summer holiday.

We want to ensure that those eligible for free school meals on the grounds of low income receive a food voucher to cover the summer holiday at a rate of £40 per eligible child.

The most effective way of ensuring vulnerable families receive the vouchers that can be used in the Oldham supermarket of their choice is via a third-party online hub – known as WONDE.

WONDE is a data integration company already used by many schools in Oldham who offer a free school meal voucher system. This voucher system has a live link to your school’s data therefore automatically recognises the students who are eligible for Free School Meals. The system should be quick and easy to use and produces the vouchers that can be used in most Oldham supermarkets.

If your child is entitled to income based free school meals, please look out for an email and/or text confirming that your voucher has been issued.

For more information go to:
This includes a step by step guide of how to access the vouchers (once your school has issued them to you).

If you have any questions, please contact the school in the first instance.

For any families that are really struggling for food and provisions over the school holiday, please visit the Oldham Council website which lists financial support and benefits that are available for residents.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Quirk